Have Questions? We have Answers!

If you have any important questions, feel free to email Enquiry@EliteModels.sg for immediate response.

Why choose EliteModels And Talent Management agency?

We provide an efficient and reliable platform for all freelance models, talents, actors and actresses looking to work in photography, videography and event assignments for which they will be paid. Assignments' descriptions will be communicated to suitable models as soon as clients have signed a Contract Of Engagement with us.

I have no experience in modelling, hosting or acting. Can I still join?

You can always give yourself a chance by trying out because everyone has to start somewhere. We will recruit you as long as your working attitude is right and you are responsible in handling assignments. Most of the time, your face does not matter but you need to present yourself well.

Do I need to pay to register as a model, talent, actor or actress?

No, as long as we find that you are suitable to work with us, we will upload your professionally taken photographs onto our website. Your professionally taken photographs can be done in any modelling studio in Singapore or you can engage any photographer on your own, using either black or white studio backdrops, with the correct modelling postures and appropriate outfits, preferably formal wear, casual wear, party wear and sport wear. You can also come to our studio to shoot and we will create your portfolio for a low price to help you kick-start your modelling career. However, your submission of your professionally taken photographs does not guarantee you a recruitment; we reserve the right to decide whether to accept you at our own discretion.

Will becoming a freelance model affect my school or full-time job?

You have the full control to decide whether you want to take up an assignment or not. If you cannot commit to a job's requirement, you can simply ignore that assignment.

What are the modelling assignments like?

Modelling assignments are broadly categorised into Photography, Videography and Event. You will be offered assignments from all three categories as long as you are suitable for those assignments.

How do I register as a model, talent, actor or actress?

You can fill in the online registration form found here: http://www.elitemodels.sg/be-a-model.

We will get in touch with you via email if we think you are suitable.

Do I have to go for every assignment being posted to me?

No, you are not obliged to take up assignments that you are feeling uncomfortable with, whether be it due to job scopes, rates, attires and/ or schedules. However, after you have decided to take up an assignment, you are not supposed to back out.

I am a foreigner located in Singapore. Can I still join?

As long as you are located in Singapore for at least 6 months, you can still take up freelance modelling assignments on an ad hoc basis, but we are not hiring you for full-time/ part-time jobs. Kindly check with the relevant authority, Ministry Of Manpower, regarding your eligibility to take up any job in Singapore.

What are the basic criteria to join you?

We recognise that every physical feature is beautiful in its own way. Depending on the assignment's requirement, your looks can be what the client is looking for. The set of attributes, that we demand out of you, consists of a willingness to learn, a reasonable level of professionalism and a responsible working attitude.

How can I book your models?

Email to Enquiry@EliteModels.sg with the full description of your assignment. After an invoice is sent, we expect payment to be made by you within the next three days. If we do not receive your payment after three days, the model(s) will be available for bookings by other clients.