Have Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

If you have any important questions, feel free to email Enquiry@EliteModels.sg for immediate response.

Why choose Elite Model Talent Management Agency?

Elite Model provides a conducive and safe environment based on reliable employees which creates an ethical platform for all aspiring Models, Actors and Talents. There are no surprises and "hidden" fees. Everything will be black and white.

What if I have no experience in modelling, Acting or Hosting?

It is fine that you do not have any experience coming into this industry. Every year we are looking for fresh faces and we will do our best to guide them through. Everyone has to start from somewhere. So choose the right path. Start with elite models today.

Do I need to pay to be a Model, Actor or Talent?

The answer is a big no. If you have experience in the modelling industry and have previous portfolio photos which we can use, we will use it to create your profile under our agency. If you do not have one, will we produce a portfolio for you at the most basic cost to help you kick start your modelling career.

Does joining Elite Models affect my work outside?

Rest assured that you work will not be affected. If you have any existing work outside, it totally fine as we do not tie our models down with hard bounded contracts.

What are the usual modelling assignments like?

The 3 main areas of professional modelling are, Fashion, Commercial, and Event. You will find yourself involved heavily in these 3 categories. Once you have enough experience in those 3 ares, we will assign you higher tier jobs like fashion runways and magazine shoots.

How Do I Apply to be a Model, Actor or Talent?

Sign up using our particulars form and attach your photos below: 1x Close up photo (shoulder and above) 1x mid body shot (chest and above) 1 x full body shot (Head to toe) We will take all submissions seriously and we will never overlook any of them.

Do I have to do swimwear/underwear/nude shoots?

No you do not have to do anything that you feel comfortable. There is no obligations to do any project.

What if I am a foreigner based in Singapore?

Yes we have many foreign Models, Host and Actors. You are not alone. We do not require you to be based in Singapore. You can always join us on an ad hoc basis.

What are the basic requirements to be a model?

Thankfully, there is no physical requirement to be our models as we recognise that every body feature is uniquely beautiful in its own way. Whether you are a tall and lanky dude or a short, bespectacled lady, we believe there will always be suitable assignments available for you. The only attributes we demand out of you are a willingness to learn, an acceptable level of professionalism and a presentable image that you have to carry with you for all job assignments.