A composite card functions as the soft-copy business card of the model. It includes the model’s name, statistics, photographs, and the company’s contact info. The attributes of the model must be displayed anywhere on the composite card.

This is how a standard Model’s stats should look like in a composite card:

  • Height
  • Vital stats (bust/chest, waist, hips)
  • Hair colour
  • Eye colour
  • Shoe size

On the composite card of the model, it displays 4 or 6 images. The photos should show off the model’s prominent features and attributes. This soft-copy business card will serve as a summarised portfolio for this particular model. This agency’s contact information is located on the face of the card.

Why Should We Use A Composite Card?

Many times, you will find job requests coming to the agency searching for a specific type of model. For example, Caucasian female with blonde hair. The agent will select the composite cards of all of the models who match this description and deliver them over to the client. The client will then select who they would like to throw or pick, dependent on the composite cards. That is the reason why the pictures on the composite card must present the best features of the model.

All professional models possess composite cards which act as their portfolios. It is very possible that a model without a composite card would not be shortlisted for modelling assignments.

Why Should We Update Our Composite Card Regularly?

The photographs on the model’s composite card have to reflect his/her present look. If a model has made significant adjustments to his or her looks (different hair length or color), the composite card has to be updated. The photographs should not be edited in such a way that it changes the model’s actual skin tone because they would not accurately present the model anymore. No major image modification should be made for the photographs except the removal of unwanted shadows in the background.

The agent is the ideal person to select the suitable photographs to be placed on the composite card. The agent has the business experience to recognise the types of photographs that will look good and seal the deal with the clients.